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Splash Art Market – Part II


Splash Art Market is continuing for the month of August at The Market on MacLeod – and I will exhibiting for the whole month!

I have a selection of pieces from the “38 & Back” series, “Effervescence” series, and a few alcohol inks.

Thanks to Danielle and Neon Milkshake Art Studio for all the hard work, and allowing me to be part of the show!

The Market on MacLeod is located at 7711 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB.


Splash Art Market

Another Splash Art Market is about to begin!  It is every Thursday – Sunday in the month of July, and I will be exhibiting the weekend of July 14th – 17th.



I will be there all day Saturday (16th), so drop by, say hi, and let’s have coffee!



Splash Art Market

Come join me for a wonderful evening of art & music.

15 + local artists have been painting up a storm preparing for this show.

Paintings of all styles will be available for purchase.

Enjoy a Wild Rose Brewery beer while you mingle and meet the artists.

James Lamb will be on after 8 pm so be sure to come catch him playing live.

Splash Art Market will be in the Barracks Room – entrance is around back.

$5 at the door. Cash and credit card accepted.


Deborah Marshall
Carol Milne
Marie Manon Corbeil
Claire MacDougall
Sandra Thirlwell
Aradhana Parmar
Cathie Monahan
Mandy Donovan
Nicole Roche
Emilia Saint
George Morrison
Allyson Thain
Darleen Brandt
Helen Newsome
Pete Estabrooks
Sylvie Pinard


Upcoming Local Calgary Art Show

Next Saturday, March 14th, 2015 – I am participating in the “All Things Spring” FCA Calgary Chapter art show.

Four of my pieces have been accepted, and I’m very excited about that!

There will be 44 artists participating and over 150 pieces being exhibited. The show will be at the Edgemont Community Centre (33 Edgevalley Circle NW). I’m really looking forward to connecting with fellow local artists, and being inspired by their beautiful art!

Come by and say hello –I am working the show from 11:00 to 1:00.   It would be wonderful to see you.


A Weekend and Crows

With my painting “Wish” hanging in a gallery on Granville Island, it seemed like the perfect reason to take my first trip out to Vancouver.

I wrangled up some friends, and off we went.

We stayed at the Granville Island Hotel, which is right across the street from the Federation Gallery. By the time we had arrived, the gallery was closed for the day. I was okay with that. I was feeling a little nervous, and was quite happy to have some time to soak it all in.


A few of the crows that greeted us in the morning.

On Saturday morning, we were woken up by raucous caws from a murder of crows. When I pulled back the curtains, at least 150 of these beautiful, but noisy birds were perched in a tree right in front of us. The sight was beautiful – the noise, not so much.

I still wasn’t quite ready to step into the gallery. Some fresh air and a latte helped with the nerves.

Thoughts ran through my head.   What if my painting didn’t stand up to the others in the gallery? What if it did?

Then, there it was. Hanging proudly. The nerves went away, and it just felt right.

It did fit in – it belonged.

A “Wish” has been sent

I’m so excited!

My painting “Wish” has been accepted in the Active Member Exhibition, running January 7th – 18th 2015, at the Federation Gallery in Vancouver.

This is a BIG first for me – a show outside of Calgary!  I admit I had butterflies when I submitted my application.

The painting had to be shipped the week before Christmas.  I was a teeny bit skeptical that, in the shipping mayhem of pre-Christmas present delivery, the painting would arrive at the gallery by the December 23rd  deadline.

I lovingly wrapped the painting in lots of bubble wrap, then wedged in a box with Styrofoam sheets. (I had visions of the high school experiments where you drop a raw egg from a ladder… on reflection, I probably went a little overboard on the packing.)

With fingers crossed, I shipped the painting overnight, and hoped that it wouldn’t get lost or damaged.

The courier company came through, and as promised, the painting did indeed arrive the following day.

Another step towards my goal.