Allyson Thain, Artist | A Weekend and Crows
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A Weekend and Crows

With my painting “Wish” hanging in a gallery on Granville Island, it seemed like the perfect reason to take my first trip out to Vancouver.

I wrangled up some friends, and off we went.

We stayed at the Granville Island Hotel, which is right across the street from the Federation Gallery. By the time we had arrived, the gallery was closed for the day. I was okay with that. I was feeling a little nervous, and was quite happy to have some time to soak it all in.


A few of the crows that greeted us in the morning.

On Saturday morning, we were woken up by raucous caws from a murder of crows. When I pulled back the curtains, at least 150 of these beautiful, but noisy birds were perched in a tree right in front of us. The sight was beautiful – the noise, not so much.

I still wasn’t quite ready to step into the gallery. Some fresh air and a latte helped with the nerves.

Thoughts ran through my head.   What if my painting didn’t stand up to the others in the gallery? What if it did?

Then, there it was. Hanging proudly. The nerves went away, and it just felt right.

It did fit in – it belonged.