Allyson Thain, Artist | A “Wish” has been sent
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A “Wish” has been sent

I’m so excited!

My painting “Wish” has been accepted in the Active Member Exhibition, running January 7th – 18th 2015, at the Federation Gallery in Vancouver.

This is a BIG first for me – a show outside of Calgary!  I admit I had butterflies when I submitted my application.

The painting had to be shipped the week before Christmas.  I was a teeny bit skeptical that, in the shipping mayhem of pre-Christmas present delivery, the painting would arrive at the gallery by the December 23rd  deadline.

I lovingly wrapped the painting in lots of bubble wrap, then wedged in a box with Styrofoam sheets. (I had visions of the high school experiments where you drop a raw egg from a ladder… on reflection, I probably went a little overboard on the packing.)

With fingers crossed, I shipped the painting overnight, and hoped that it wouldn’t get lost or damaged.

The courier company came through, and as promised, the painting did indeed arrive the following day.

Another step towards my goal.

I probably went a little overboard on the packing