Allyson Thain, Artist | Wonders unfold
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Wonders unfold

Developing a website has been on my wish list for at least two years. However, web design and implementation are definitely not part of my skill set. I’ve dabbled with a few online free templates, and that experience made me realize how much more there was to learn. I wanted to “understand” the process, and that led me to books, classes and tutorials – but no progress. It just seemed WAY to big to tackle.

And yet, here it is – finished, beautiful.

From an overwhelming idea – to a published website in two months. This would not have been possible without three amazing people.

Far more than I could have ever created on my own.

First is my wonderful coach and mentor, Liz Wiltzen, and

Working with Liz, I have focused on the direction that I want to be moving as an artist. A part of that, has been the creation of this website.

With her guidance and challenges (thank you!) I have moved from trying, unsuccessfully, to build the website by myself – to successfully finding and developing an inspiring partnership.

Nita and Issa Breibish at You Me & The Bear  listened to my dream, and said “let’s do it”!

From the first consultation, I knew the fit was right. Nita’s passion and vision are infectious, and Issa made me feel at ease about all the technical areas I did not know. They had the answers. My website developed into far more than I could have hoped for. Far more than I could have created on my own.

Thank you!